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Refinancing – It’s Not Just for Mortgages Anymore!

09:44 14 January in Mortgage & Refinance, refinance, refinancing

By now you are probably familiar with mortgage refinancing. Each year a large number of homeowners take advantage of refinancing their home mortgage to help them reduce their interest, reduce monthly payments or take advantage of their equity to make home improvements or pay down...

The Role of Mortgage Broker

08:49 06 January in home mortgage, home mortgage finance, mortgage, Mortgage & Refinance, mortgage backed securities, Mortgage Broker, mortgage loan, refinancing

A mortgage broker is a well-trained professional representing those who seek home mortgages and provides them an ideal solution. By engaging a mortgage broker, the customer gets his value for money spent on the expert. This article discusses the key advantages and even certain disadvantages...

Can You Spot The $596,000 Difference In Identical Homes?

07:54 15 December in home equity loan, loan, Mortgage & Refinance, refinancing

Can you spot the difference? Let me give you a hint; it’s not the landscaping. It’s not the location. It’s not the gold plated fixtures in the master bathroom. In fact, it’s not anything you’d ever notice with the naked eye. The $596,000 differences are...