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Personal Steps Toward Reduced Credit Card Debt

10:14 21 January in card debt, credit card, debt, Mortgage & Refinance

The presence of multiple professional credit card debt management services nowadays are a testament of two things: (one) debt is a major problem in the financial industry, and (two) most people suffering from escalating debts cannot repair or settle those debts on their own. However,...

Real Estate – A Few Tips On Buying A Home

10:04 18 January in buying a property, buying home, Mortgage & Refinance, property buying, real estate, real estate buying

Tips on buying a home article that will provides information for the reader on buying a home The home buying process can seem complicated, but if you take things step-by-step, you will soon be holding the keys to your own home! But before going into...

Real Estate: Overcoming Your First Big Hurdle

09:49 17 January in free foreclosure listings, hud foreclosures, Mortgage & Refinance, va foreclosures

  Real estate investing is not difficult, but it is not something that anyone should do haphazardly. Find out the common perceptions that beginners have, and how to overcome them. As one journey’s through the rough terrain of real estate. You will find yourself amongst...

Real Estate Investing: Pre-Foreclosure Secrets

09:46 15 January in Mortgage & Refinance, pre-foreclosure, Real Estate Investment

Profit from other people’s misery by learning preforeclosure secrets in real estate investing. You can make the seller’s misery a little less from buying a preforeclosure property than a foreclosure property. Location, Location, Location On April 14, 2008, ABC News reported that 1 of every...

Refinancing – It’s Not Just for Mortgages Anymore!

09:44 14 January in Mortgage & Refinance, refinance, refinancing

By now you are probably familiar with mortgage refinancing. Each year a large number of homeowners take advantage of refinancing their home mortgage to help them reduce their interest, reduce monthly payments or take advantage of their equity to make home improvements or pay down...

Six Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Should Buy In December

09:39 12 January in bargain property, buy real estate, home sellers, home shoppers, Jeanette Fisher, Mortgage & Refinance

  December and New Year’s Day give home buyers and real estate investors the perfect occasion to buy real estate. Not only can you pick up a bargain property from a motivated seller, you can save on your purchase expenses. 1. Home shoppers put off...